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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) runs five different types of public transportation services and serves an estimated 321 million riders annually. It comes as no surprise that a large number of accidents, injuries, and incidents take place each year, or that some of these accidents are caused by SEPTA’s negligence.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Penneys, we take special interest in SEPTA accident cases and have extensive experience in handling public transportation injury claims across Pennsylvania.

Types of SEPTA Accidents

We take on the following types of SEPTA accident cases:

  • SEPTA bus accidents. SEPTA has 121 different bus routes in the Philadelphia area, serving thousands of city commuters each day. Unfortunately, these buses have higher accident rates than SEPTA trains and subway cars.
  • SEPTA trolley accidents. Much like buses, SEPTA trolleys must share clogged city roads with all manner of traffic. This all too often results in collisions and pedestrian accidents. Likewise, these types of accidents may be caused by driver error, such as driver distraction. 
  • SEPTA train accidents and regional rail accidents. With 450 miles of track, the SEPTA rail system reaches across seven different counties and into two other states. Train accidents, especially those involving train-car collisions and train-pedestrian collisions, happen multiple times each year. Some of these train accidents are due to operator errors, maintenance issues, and negligence.
  • SEPTA subway accidents. The SEPTA subway system suffered one of the deadliest light rail accidents in history in 1990 when three of its cars derailed, killing four people and injuring over 100 more. Accidents like these uncover questions regarding SEPTA maintenance policies, driver training, and driver drug and alcohol testing.
  • SEPTA pedestrian accidents. Each year, pedestrians are killed and seriously injured by all manner of SEPTA vehicles, including buses, trains, trolleys, and subway cars. While some of these pedestrians were at fault for stepping into the path of a vehicle, others were injured because of the negligence of SEPTA or one of their employees.
  • SEPTA slip and fall accidents and premises liability accidents. Not all SEPTA accidents involve a dramatic collision. In fact, many accidents and injuries related to SEPTA are more subtle: slips and falls in bus stations and subway stations, improperly maintained properties that lead to injuries, and premises liability cases that involve lack of safety signage or lack of security.
  • SEPTA defective doors accidents. Many SEPTA vehicle passengers are crushed between the doors as they are closing. As the doors have sensors (much like an elevator), this is not supposed to happen. However, these types of incidents are very common and can result in significant personal injuries.

Learn More About Your SEPTA Accident & Injury Claim

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that involved SEPTA, it is critical that you understand when, where, how, and why the accident took place as well as exactly who was at fault. In many cases, the true at-fault party may not be easily apparent until an independent investigation into the crash has taken place.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esquire, we have the knowledge and background to correctly investigate and analyze your accident. We also have the skill and assertiveness to help you fight for compensation and justice if your accident was caused by negligence.

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